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Collecting The Morrow Project

Collectors of the 1980 RPG The Morrow Project can look forward to a series of desperate struggles for survival and hope on an Earth long devastated by nuclear war. The Morrow Project offers a series of adventures full of desperation, struggle, and heroism, as a group of dedicated specialists try to restore civilization to a shattered world.

The Morrow Project RPG – What Is The Morrow Project?

The Morrow Project RPG Collection

The Morrow Project is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game setting that takes place 150 years after a nuclear war. You play agents of the Morrow Project, a group who couldn’t stop the coming war, but they did take steps to help rebuild human civilization in its wake. These agents have been cryogenically frozen for a century and a half, but something happened and your group of characters missed the emergence date by three to five years. Now they must rush to fulfill their mission to rebuild and reconnect with other Morrow assets while trying to survive in the rough new world formed amid the devastation.

Liberation at Riverton

Liberation at Riverton is an opening scenario for a The Morrow Project campaign. Your group wakes up in Riverton without any weapons or equipment. What’s worse, the complex is in use by band of soldiers who’ve called the shots for a long time. The characters have to get on their feet, find supplies, and somehow liberate their staging area from a group of violent tyrants.

Operation: Damocles

Damocles is a described on the box as a “subterranean morgue” in which Recon Team G-9 awakens. This modules contains information on the Commando Scout interior and a new weapons list. It also claims to be the most extensive treatment of computers ever placed in a roleplaying game supplement. Given that this was released in 1982, I wonder whether that still applies.

Operation: Lucifer

Operation: Lucifer requires the group to find an unused Russian nuclear warhead that must be found and defused before it explodes. It’s a rush against time, because the Krell are advancing upon the position.

The Starnaman Incident

The Starnaman Incident, written by Craig Starnaman, involves a legend about the people of Starnaman who fought 150 years ago to retain their freedom–and apparently fought 10 years before succumbing. The characters must learn about the truth behind this legend and deal with the lingering hatred among survivors who tell stories of the horrors committed. I’ve seen this wrongly named “The Starman Incident”, so you might search for it under that name, if you can’t find Starnaman under its correct title.

Fall Back!

The group faces the wrath of the Kentucky Free State, whose army is on the march. While the agricultural experts of the Morrow Project team get the local civilians to safety, your team have to fight a rearguard action against the Free State Army.

Bullets & Bluegrass

What a great name for an adventure. In this module, the group awakes to find some of their colleagues have been taken hostage. While the group tries to resolve the hostage situation, a “merciless enemy” tries to hunt them down.

The Ruins of Chicago

The players must go into the bombed out remains of Chi-Town to find the enigmatic Fort Morrow while fighting tribes of cannibals and a “City Machine”–whatever that might be. Also, in a nearby university there may exist the sum total of our world’s remaining academic knowledge.

The Final Watch

Apparently, the Seattle chapter of the Morrow Project wasn’t as well prepared for the nuclear holocaust as other units, and the Prime Base isn’t prepared for the developments that have happened in the Seattle area in the 150 years since the fall. The team must get to the Seattle base, resolve the situation, and start the rebuilding process in the Northwest.

Operation Lonestar

Join the Last Cavalry Unit in a last-ditch battle for survival against “merciless savages” as a dangerous storm rages. To complicate matters, masses of refugees dot the landscape. Described as an “impossible mission” for those players who’ve been “wanting a war”.

Prime Base

Prime Base is a scenario for experienced characters and is meant to be the turning point in the Morrow Project rebuilding North America. The Prime Base was the old command and control center of the Project, and it contains the resources needed to take the next step in rebuilding the civilization. But this complex module is bigger, more detailed, and more deadly than any the group has ever faced. The publisher claims beginning characters cannot and should not encounter this place.

Desert Search

The team must find the first power station out in the Nevada Desert. Meanwhile, a mysterious group known as the Syen are active in the area. The players must rescue their allies in suspended animation before either the Syen or the harshness of the desert finishes the heroes off.

American Outback

This scenario involves an exploration of Eastern Nevada, a range war with an Indian tribe, a cattle drive, steam-powered locomotives, six-shooters, and a heap of trouble for the player characters. In the middle of this New West, the players must find an Indian girl key to the resolution, then report back to Prime Base.

Morrow Project Travel Guide

If you want an idea of the kind of devotion this roleplaying game fostered in its fans, take a look at this Morrow Project Travel Guide. Each state has a detailed guide to the cities nuked, as well as Morrow Project assets in all 50 states.

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