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Collecting Palladium RPGs

Palladium Books was founded in 1981, and it still enjoys a thriving fanbase thanks to the tireless efforts of men like president and chief game designer Kevin Siembieda. RPG collectors interested in collecting Palladium RPGs will immediately notice a rich, detailed multiverse that ties all Palladium products together regardless of genre.

Collecting Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Set in a world filled with elves, dwarves, and other fantastical races, the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game was one of the first RPGs I ever played. It’s still a personal favorite, especially the early and uncomplicated first edition (originally published in 1983 and revised in 1984). The second edition was released in 1996, and it bulked up the rules to allow characters from the Palladium World to be able to seamlessly travel to other parts of the company’s Megaverse.

The Palladium RPG

The first edition was sold out at the Noble Knight website, but I did manage to find a copy selling on eBay for $48.41. Supplements such as Adventures on the High Seas were listed in the $20 to $30 range.

The second edition of the Palladium Fantasy RPG was much easier to locate, and prices ranged from $28 to $22.95. The Eastern Territory supplement listed for $17.99, while titles such as Old Ones, Library of Bletherad, and Chaos Lands were all priced under $20. Wolfen Empire was a notable exception, as the asking price on eBay was $30.

Rifts RPG Collection

No matter how long you’ve been collecting Palladium RPGs, you’re likely to have heard about Rifts. This genre-crossing game has been around since 1990, and its popularity has resulted in over 60 titles being published. Rifts serves as the gateway to the Palladium Megaverse, and so you can expect a bizarre blend of science fiction, horror, cyberpunk, western, and multiple other genres.

Rifts is easily the most popular game from Palladium Books, and the prices on several of its items reflect this. For example, a signed and limited edition (only 16,000 copies) silver hardback collectors edition was selling on eBay for $50, while Rifts – Ultimate Gold Edition was listed at $95. Book of Magic ($35) and The Bionics Sourcebook ($30) are two of the more valuable supplements, while Rifts – Ultimate Edition is fetching $30.95 for online sellers.

Ninjas and Superspies RPGs

Written by Erick Wujcik (who is most famous for writing Amber Diceless) in 1988, the focus of this RPG was on martial arts action and subterfuge. A revised second edition hit the market in 1990, bringing Ninjas and Superspies in line with the other Megaverse titles. I was unable to find a copy of the first edition, but the revised edition was selling for $18.95 over at Noble Knight.

Collecting Recon RPG from Palladium

If you like collecting Vietnam memorabilia, then you’ll want to take a look at Recon, a war-themed RPG. First published in 1982, a second edition would hit the shelves in 1986. Recon isn’t compatible with the other games in the Palladium Megaverse, but that makes sense when you realize that the player-characters are fresh-faced soldiers being dumped into the steaming hell of Southeast Asia. The revised version of Recon was selling for $19.95 on eBay, while a first edition rulebook in very good condition was listed for $28.

Beyond the Supernatural

The first horror role-playing game from Palladium Books, Beyond the Supernatural is set in a modern-day world filled with demonic cults and otherworldly terrors. The first edition appeared in 1987, and the second version was released in 2005.

While most books from the game sell for less than $15, the leather bound limited 2nd edition has been listed at $160. Another collector’s edition I found was limited to only 500 copies, and it had a starting price of $50 on eBay (with signatures included from the game’s creators).


Collecting Palladium RPGs isn’t all about purchasing Rifts, and the popular Nightbane is a good example. This 1995 publication is set in a dark fantasy world where supernatural beings have taken control by infiltrating governments and corporations. The core rulebook is selling for $30 on eBay, while the 2009 Nightbane Survival Guide is listed for $18.95.

Heroes Unlimited

Heroes Unlimited was created by Kevin Siembieda and first hit shelves in 1984. The emphasis at the time was on low-powered superheroes, but the 1998 second edition increased the abilities of the player-characters and brought the game in line with the Megaverse. The first edition was recently selling on eBay or $49.99, while the most valuable second edition product was The Justice Machine ($35 on eBay). Other titles selling for over $20 include Aliens Unlimited and Villains Unlimited, making Heroes Unlimited a worthwhile investment for those collecting Palladium RPGs.

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