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Collecting the James Bond 007 RPG

Collecting a complete set of the the James Bond 007 RPG books includes a rulebook, 5 sourcebooks, and 11 separate adventure modules. These games were published by Victory Games from 1983 to 1987, when Reagan was confronting the Soviet Union, the Cold War appeared to be in full swing instead of dying down, and James Bond was still the greatest superspy on either side of the espionage game. Agent 007 is still a superspy these days, but without the Cold War, battles between agents of the CIA, KGB, and even Mi6 don’t hold the same mystique.

The James Bond 007 roleplaying game takes one back to another era, a simpler time when all of us still cringed in terror that one superpower or the other would start a nuclear war. You can play a superspy who lives on the edge, protects civilization from evil masterminds, and seduces femme fatale archetypes who’ll later try to kill you. With nearly twenty products in the line, some are harder to collect than others.

James Bond 007 RPG - Modern, Espionage Roleplaying Games

James Bond 007 Boxed Set

This rulebook includes a 160-page rulebook and the 148-page “Thrilling Locations” sourcebook, as well as the dice and character sheets you need to play the game. Purchasing a copy of this game in excellent condition probably entails a $50 expense.

James Bond Villains Sourcebook

This is actually a two-book set. The “Villains Book” contains background on seven new master villains. The “SMERSH” book details the World War II era Red Army counter-intelligence organization (1943-1946), though this book assumes they continued after the war and SMERSH is now an addendum to the KGB. A collection of dossiers are also included in this set.

The Man with the Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun is based on the film of the same name. It contains a map of a maze, playing piece stands, 50 game cards, and a rule book. See if you can find the Solex Agitator before Scaramanga gets his hands on this amazing power source.

For Your Eyes Only

Based on the 1981 Roger Moore film, the For Your Eyes Only adventure pits your character against Aristotle Kristatos and his smuggling ring. Includes a 32-page gamemasters guide, mission sheets with selected clues, and a detailed map of the villain’s headquarters.

Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die was a film, a song, and a roleplaying scenario. This adventure sends your hero to the Louisiana Bayou to fight Dr. Kananga (Mr. Big), Baron Samedi, and the whole corrupt bunch. In this supplement, you get a 32-page adventure, the standard clue-containing mission sheets, a detailed map for battles, and a 8-page booklet with maps of the key adventure spots.

Back From Beyond: You Only Live Twice 2

The great thing about a roleplaying game is you can create your own sequel to a movie. While there was no sequel to You Only Live Twice, there’s a sequel in the roleplaying world. The adventure revolves around an old Nazi secret weapon (chemical weapon), a rogue member of Q Branch, and a trip to the Australian Outback.

More James Bond Supplements

Other James Bond 007 modules that belong in your set include You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger, and Goldfinger 2: Man With the Midas Touch. Each module follows a similar format, complete with map, clue sheets, and an adventure book. The artwork is from the mid-1980s, so the Bond depictions resemble Roger Moore AND Sean Connery, both of whom were portraying Bond at the time. (I think they look more like Moore than Connery, though.)

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