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Collecting Eden Studios RPGs and Roleplaying Games

Collecting Eden Studios RPGs and roleplaying games is easy enough. The company launched in 1996, so many of their products are still in print. Those Eden Studios products which aren’t still in print are usually pretty easy to find, and they don’t usually cost a lot of money.

Eden Studios publishes roleplaying games that use the Unisystem rules. The Unisystem is based on a core mechanic where the player rolls a d10 to determine success. Modifiers are applied based on skills, characteristics, and difficulty, and if the result is a 9 or a 10, the character succeeds.

Collecting Conspiracy X

Eden’s first RPG was Conspiracy X, which featured an involved metaplot about aliens and the supernatural.  The first edition of the game did not use the Unisystem; it has a unique set of rules. Later versions include a GURPS version published by Steve Jackson Games and a new Eden Studios versions that does use the Unisystem rules.

Conspiracy X RPG from Eden Studios

The first edition of Conspiracy X had multiple supplements available, including titles like The Aegis Handbook, Atlantis Rising, and Shadows of the Mind.

I’ve seen lots of Conspiracy X supplements that include almost all of the products available for the first edition on eBay for a starting bid of just $30 with no reserve.

If you’re interested in having a complete Conspiracy X collection, you’ll want to buy the GURPS stuff and all the editions of the game, too.

Collecting All Flesh Must Be Eaten

My favorite Eden Studios products are the All Flesh Must Be Eaten games and supplements. Eden published the first edition of All Flesh Must Be Eaten in 1999, and a steady stream of new supplements has been published since.

Eden Studios All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Unlike many roleplaying games, All Flesh Must Be Eaten doesn’t come with a single setting. Instead, the game suggests that the gamemaster come up with different “deadworlds” to use as campaign settings. The main rules include several different deadworlds, and most of their supplements include multiple genre-specific deadworlds too.

For example, Zombie Smackdown is an AFMBE supplement that combines the zombie genre with the professional wrestling genre. All Tomorow’s Zombies presents deadworlds set in the future, combining science fiction with zombies.

Most of their products aren’t especially rare or highly sought after, so you can put together an All Flesh Must Be Eaten collection without a tremendous effort or expenditure. If you want a complete collection, be sure to find copies of James Lowder’s short fiction compilations, which actually are pretty hard to find. The easiest one to get your hands on is the latest one, The Best of All Flesh, which collects the best short stories from the previous three collections.

The Witchcraft Collection

The first game from Eden Studios to use the Unisystem was C.J. Carella’s Witchcraft, but the Eden Studios edition wasn’t the first edition of the game. Myrmidon Press published the original version of Witchcraft, and that version of the game is a little harder to find than the Eden Studios version.

Eden Studios only produced a handful of supplements for Witchcraft, including Mystery Codex, Abomination Codex, and Power and Privilege. None of these supplements are especially expensive or hard to find.

Armageddon is an RPG sequel to Witchcraft, also written by C.J. Carella, and it’s actually got enough of a following to make it a little more collectible than most other Eden Studios games.

Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Eden Studios briefly had the rights to Angel and to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the published excellent games for the setting in 2002 and 2003. (The Buffy game came first, followed a year later by Angel.) Eden Studios lost the intellectual rights in 2006, so the game was short-lived. But Eden published a good selection of supplements in the four or five years they had the license.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game Limited Edition

These games are the most collectible RPGs that Eden Studios published. They’re now out of print, and since they were based on a popular television series, they had a larger fan base than most of the other games they published.

The limited edition versions of supplements for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG can be found on eBay for around $60. Monster Smackdown is especially collectible, and it’s also available in that same price range. You can find used copies for less. The regular editions can be found for as little as $20 in decent condition.

Other Eden Studios Games for Collectors

Other Eden Studios games that might be worth looking at would include their Army of Darkness game, Terra Primate, and Ghosts of Albion. None of their games are really old enough to be expensive or rare, so building a complete collection ought to be reasonably easy and affordable.

If you’re a real Eden Studios fanatic, you could also collect some of their card games, like Abudction, Hack, and Army of Darkness.

Eden Studios is supposedly going to publish a set of rules for supers called Beyond Human, but it’s been years since they originally announced the project, and it still hasn’t seen the light of day. They were also working on a pen and paper adaptation of the MMORPG City of Heroes, but that’s been “in the works” for years too.

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