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Collecting The DC Universe Roleplaying Game

If you’re thinking about collecting the DC Universe Roleplaying Game, you’ll be delighted to know that prices for this out-of-print superhero system from West End Games continue to rise with the passage of time. First introduced in 1999, it had the misfortune to hit shelves as the publisher was undergoing bankruptcy. But that didn’t stop a number of supplements from being released, and the game still has a small but loyal following in certain roleplaying circles.

Set in the universe created by DC Comics, the DC Universe Roleplaying Game allows players to fight injustice alongside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Or, if the players prefer, they can skip the character creation process and play these comic book icons instead.

The game uses a variation of the D6 system contained in the Xena and Hercules role-playing games (also from West End Games), where players must get a 3 through 6 to achieve a success. Special dice were even released for the system, allowing players to quickly determine results by looking at colors instead of numbers.

Collectible DC Universe RPGs

The DC Universe Roleplaying Game - A Collector's Item

Putting together a collection of superhero roleplaying games can be a great deal of fun, especially if you’re a fan of comic books. Collecting the DC Universe Roleplaying game is no different, and I’ve provided a list of all known products to help you get started. When possible, I’ve also added in current online prices from sites such as eBay, Noble Knight, and Amazon. Just keep in mind that prices may vary wildly, as some sellers undervalue or overvalue their items.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game (1999) – The 256-page main book contains a Hero’s Guide, Narrator’s Guide, and a pair of adventures. Character creation is explained in-depth, as well as powers, fighting, and an overview of the DC Universe. A new edition of this product sells for $28.95 on Amazon, while Noble Knight offers it for anywhere from $25 to $40.

Hero Dice – Since the DC Universe Roleplaying Game counts successes on rolls of 3 through 6, a special set of dice were released that color code hits and misses. The set contains five hero dice and a single wild hero die. A special set of seven JLA Hero Dice were also sold, and Noble Knight carries them for $6.95.

DC Universe Narrator’s Screen (1999) – A screen that contains all the charts and modifiers you’ll need to run the game, as well as a book with new advantages, tips for writing adventures, NPCs, and a collection of scenarios revolving around the inmates of Arkham Asylum. Noble Knight carried this collectible DC Universe product for $15, while Amazon had it for $12.95.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game – Box Set (2000) – Includes the basic rules, plus the narrator’s screen, narrator’s book, set of hero dice, and a poster created by comic book artist Joe DeVito. This item sells on Amazon for $48, while I also saw it listed on eBay for $50. A fine investment for anyone interested in collecting the DC Universe Roleplaying Game.

Metropolis Sourcebook (2000) – A 96-page sourcebook about the people and places in Metropolis, the home of Superman. Also includes an adventure with some of the Man of Steel’s greatest enemies. Sells for $8.99 on Amazon and $14.95 on eBay.

The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis (2000) – More information on the people and places in Metropolis. This 144-page resource guide sells for $9.25 on Amazon.

JLA Sourcebook (2000) – Features information on the rosters of the JLA and the members of Young Justice, as well as their bases and villains. DC Universe collectors will be interested in this one, as it sells for $74.95 on Amazon and has a starting auction price of $35 on eBay.

JSA Sourcebook (2000) – A 208-page supplement that’s devoted to the former and current members of the Justice Society of America, including the new JSA and Infinity Inc. Information about WWII is included, as well as numerous superhero teams from the era and their greatest foes. If you like to collect Golden Age comics, be sure to check this one out. Listed for $75 on eBay, while it sells for $149.95 on Amazon.

Gotham City Sourcebook (2000) – Gotham City is the home of Batman, and this DC Universe Roleplaying Game supplement details over 100 heroes, villains, and others in both Gotham and Bludhaven. Optional game rules are included, as well as notable city locations (Arkham Asylum) and an adventure involving the Scarecrow. This 160-page resource sells for $72.95 on Amazon, $25 on eBay, and $30 at Noble Knight.

The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham (2000) – Details are provided on the best places to eat, sleep, and party in Gotham City. Clocking in at 144 pages, this supplement will delight collectors of Batman merchandise, and it can be had for $33.75 on Amazon.

Magic Handbook (2001) – A more detailed look at magic in the DC Universe and how to create a character who manipulates such forces. Spell design is included, as well as some of the more notable magic practitioners from DC Comics (over 60 in all). This 128-page book is listed on Amazon for $89.94 and $25 at Noble Knight.

Directive on Superpowers: A Guide to Metahuman Powers in the DC Universe (2001) – More information on superpowers in the DC Universe, as well as additional tips and guidelines to creating characters. A 144-page supplement that sells for $18.50 on eBay and $35.89 at Amazon.

Agent Manual: An Overview of the DC Universe’s Department of Extranormal Operations (2001) – Details on the headquarters of this secret organization, as well as top agents and unique equipment. An 80-page supplement that lists for $20 on eBay and $24.99 on Amazon.

Metropolis City Set (2001) – A two-book set that includes The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis and the Metropolis Sourcebook.

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