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Collecting Hawkmoon/Eternal Champion RPGs

The Hawkmoon: Eternal Champion RPG used the Basic Role-Playing system made famous by Chaosium games like RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Superworld, and Pendragon. Hawkmoon was based on a novel by Michael Moorcock, in which the Eternal Champion fights to restore cosmic balance on behalf of a powerful magic artifact named the Runestaff.

The Hawkmoon RPG was created in 1985 by Kerie Campbell-Robson. While it never had a huge following in America or the United Kingdom, Hawkmoon Eternal Champion developed a big following in France, perhaps because most of the novels take place in a version France. There are French-language editions of Hawkmoon, as well as several adventures and publications in French that never were translated into English.

The Hawkmoon RPG from Chaosium

Collecting Hawkmoon: Eternal Champion roleplaying books isn’t going to be too challenging, because only the core book is a collectors item.

Hawkmoon Eternal Champion Boxed Set

The Hawkmoon Eternal Champion Boxed Set was the original rulebook and game models, including a Gamemaster Book, Players Book, and Science Book. This set contains reference sheets and a full map of Europe as it appears in the Hawksmoon books. This set was published by Chaosium and sells for around $150 online.

Runequest Hawkmoon

The RuneQuest Hawkmoon book was published in 2007 by Mongoose Publishing and sells for around $20 on Amazon. This supplement deals with the growing power of the evil empire of Granbretan and Hawkmoon’s attempt to save the Duchy of the Kamarg.

Hawkmoon: Secrets of Tragic Europe

Secrets of Tragic Europe is another book in the Hawkmoon setting published in 2008 by Mongoose Publishing. The Secrets of Tragic Europe uses the new RuneQuest rules and sells for $25 on the Internet. Collectors can find two other Hawkmoon modules, “The Hunters of Granbretani” and “Castle Brass”, published by Mongoose in 2007 and 2009, respectively. Both of these roleplaying supplements sell for less than $10 online, though.

Hawkmoon: The Jewel in the Skull

A Hawkmoon comic book was published in the 1986 by First Publishing. You can still find these comics on eBay for around $5 to $10 a book.

Serious collectors will also want to collect the original novels by Michael Moorcock. If you enjoy those, you’ll probably enjoy Moorcock’s other novels too, of which there are many.

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