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Collecting the DC Heroes RPG

A lot of roleplayers are also comic book collectors, so collecting the DC Heroes RPG lets you satisfy two hobbies at once. Given the popularity of comic book superhero roleplaying games, one might think DC and Marvel RPGs would dominate that genre of roleplaying games. That’s never quite been the case, though DC Heroes was […]

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The Nobilis Roleplaying Game

Collecting the Nobilis RPG is pretty straightforward, because there were so few books produced. Buying the coffee table book known as “The Great White Book” is where most of your investment will be. Serious collectors of the great and important roleplaying games are going to want to have their hands on Nobilis. What Is Nobilis? […]

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Collecting Deadlands RPG Products

Deadlands, The Weird West Of all the Old West roleplaying games I’ve played, Deadlands was the most creative. You would look down the list of character archetypes and immediately want to play every one of them. The premise of the Deadlands setting was first rate, while the art was excellent. Pinnacle Entertainment is the company […]

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Collecting Warhammer RPGs

Warhammer is one of my favorite roleplaying games. While Dungeons &Dragons is about acquisition and power, Warhammer is about survival in a world of gritty corruption. In Warhammer 40,000, that same atmosphere is taken into the depths of space. Warhammer Roleplay was originally¬† published by Games Workshop, then a new edition was published by Green […]

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