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Collecting The Morrow Project

Collectors of the 1980 RPG The Morrow Project can look forward to a series of desperate struggles for survival and hope on an Earth long devastated by nuclear war. The Morrow Project offers a series of adventures full of desperation, struggle, and heroism, as a group of dedicated specialists try to restore civilization to a […]

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How to Collect Tekumel RPGs

Collecting Empire of the Petal Throne Empire of the Petal Throne was a roleplaying game first published in 1975 by TSR. Empire of the Petal Throne‘s setting was Tekumel, a medieval technology world based on Incan, Mayan, and Egyptian cultures. The setting was created by Professor M.A.R. Barker, a professor at the University of Minnesota […]

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Collecting Runequest

I’m a Runequest collector, and I’m proud of it. One of the fun things about collecting Runequest is that many of the products are so hard to get hold of that when you do find one for sale, you get really excited. Most other roleplaying games and supplements are easy enough to find for sale […]

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Collecting Steve Jackson’s GURPS

GURPS is an acronym for Generic Universal Role-Playing System, an RPG from Steve Jackson Games. GURPS was first published in 1986 with no specific setting or genre in mind. Roleplaying games before GURPS had a default setting and/or genre, and the rules were often designed to enhance aspects of that setting or build specific character […]

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