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Modern Roleplaying Games

Collecting Modern and Espionage RPGs and Roleplaying Games What Is Modern Roleplaying? I’ll define “modern roleplaying” as games set in the 20th or 21st century that don’t horror or superhero elements, and can’t be defined as purely science fiction games. As an outline, I’ll use the same categorization methods that the online gaming sites like […]

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Superhero Roleplaying Games

Collecting superhero roleplaying gamesis a little less complicated than collecting fantasy RPGs. I mentioned before that I’vecollected comic book inspired games, and I was able to build a collection with the broader superhuman RPG market in mind, instead of focusing on subcategories like most fantasy collections necessarily do. The history of superhero RPGs is about […]

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Horror Roleplaying Games

Collecting Horror Roleplaying Games Those interested in collecting horror roleplaying games are going to choose from a varied list of products, including the many versions of Lovecraftian horror that have been published over the years, the many horror-themed White Wolf campaign settings, and a vast array of independent horror games. Beyond that, you’ll find that […]

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Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Collecting fantasy roleplaying gamescovers the biggest of all RPG genres.Sword-and-sorcery RPGswere the first role-playing games created and represent the biggest sellers with the largest fan bases. Dungeons & Dragonscontinues to dominate sales in the fantasy RPG genre, but many of the collectible games have nothing to do with D&D. That’s because the niche games that […]

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