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Collecting Roleplaying Games – Articles

I want to continue to update this site with additional content, but I’m not ready to launch a WordPress blog here yet. I also don’t want my Site Menu (on the right) to get out of hand. So I’m launching a new section of the site where I’m going to post articles about collecting roleplaying games. My intention is to update this section of the site with new articles on a weekly basis at the least, but maybe even more often than that if inspiration strikes. So if you want to keep up with the latest information on this site about collecting RPGs, bookmark this page.

Articles about Collecting RPGs

September 3, 2011

Just added an article about the Rifts Collectors Edition from Palladium.

June 29, 2011

These aren’t all articles yet, but they’re all at least ideas for articles. I should have them completed within the next day or two:

More to come soon.

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